Motor coach Bethel tours and more

Motor coach Bethel tours and moreMotor coach Bethel tours and more

Important Details


Trip Details

What can I expect with overnight travel?

Trip duration to Toronto is 26 hours plus stops. We will make plenty of stops along the way. (Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, Mall/Walmart, Rest stops)  though it is not for everyone so please consider carefully. "I'm tired and sore but I don't want it to end" said one passenger arriving home.  We advise a light blanket, pillow/neck pillow and compression socks to alleviate swelling. Your endurance will be worth it!

Why overnight travel?

Many have asked about offering trips without overnight travel. To be blunt, this is not an option for our tours as it goes against our motto to keep our tours affordable to travelers who would otherwise not afford the time and expense. Extra hotels and travel time would equate to about $300 extra per person, and SIX days of travel instead of four. Not to mention extra cost for meals and time away from work and home. Many have chosen flying before and/or after the tour and still found our tours a viable option. 

Where can I park my car?

Most of our tours depart from the Quality Inn Moose Jaw.  As a bonus we have a preferred rate there, so just mention you are traveling with JW Travels. They also provide early breakfast and have allowed parking during our tours. Please remember though parking is your responsibility and risk. 

Tour Guide

Activities in the bus may include: Weekend/Midweek Meeting stream, morning worship, singing, movies and games. 

Each bus will require a mature baptized brother/sister to act as  tour guide (free seat, ask for details or click this link!) Other brothers may be asked to review the days text in morning worship and prayer. 

Bus is equipped with Wi-Fi (in Canada),  DVD player, a/c, reclining seats, bathroom (hand sanitizer, no running water), USB and power outlets.  

What can I do in Niagara Falls, New York CIty and Washington D.C. during our "free time"?

While most of our tour we take the stress our of trip planning, we have found many appreciate the balance of allowing the passengers the freedom to explore attractions on there own. But, you may wonder, where should I go, what can I see, how can I get around? JW Travels is happy to provide free personal travel consultations via phone or email so that even when you are on your own, you feel taken care of. We can offer a few suggestions, or provide you with a detailed itinerary complete with maps, tips and prices. 


Tour members are limited to one large suitcase per person. A small soft-sided carry-on bag or small back pack is allowed aboard the coach if carried by the tour member. The best dimensions are a maximum of 16" x 12" x 8". for your convenience keep the size and weight of the carry-on to a bare minimum. Roll-on bags designed for airline use will not fit into the motor coach overhead compartment.

How should I dress?

Always remember to bear testimony with your clothing.  When visiting the facilities of Bethel, we must dress just as we attend the meetings (km 3/98). It suggests that you wear comfortable shoes because you walk a lot. Sisters who wear high heels will suffer after walking for 3 hours.  On your tour at the MET or Museum of the bible with Oasis, we suggest dignified casual clothing and comfortable shoes. Otherwise, and on the bus you can dress in a casual but always modest way.


Please keep perfumes and scents to a minimum as some may have sensitivities to the smells and chemicals. 

How much money should I bring?


Boxed lunches are about $10 USD cash each and we will enjoy that on two separate days. The MET tour is also collected in US cash on the bus and is  $20 (65+), $25 per adult and $15 for school age and younger is free. The Museum of  the Bible tour is $12 USD per person also collected on the bus. 

Also remember cash for tips,including hotel staff, restaurant staff, drivers and JW Travels tour guide and tour guides at the museums.  And some cash where debit/visa is not accepted such as food fenders in NYC. 

Bus drivers and JW Travels tour guide  should be tipped about $2 per person, per driver, per day , waiters/waitress 15%+, and $1-2 per person per night for hotel cleaners.  We still trust you will give what you feel appropriate according to your ability, and above all bring praise to Jehovah for your efforts. 

Passports/Border Crossings

As well as a reminder passports will be required. Please be sure you can legally enter the U.S. and there will not be any delays. These will be needed well before the trips so I can forward a passenger log to customs which will make the border crossings quicker. You are responsible for your own transportation in the case of denied entry at border crossing or missed bus departure time.  It is strongly recommended that if only one parent is crossing the border with a child under age 18 that they have a Consent Letter from the other parent granting permission to take the child out of the country. 

There are certain items which cannot cross the border and will have to be disposed of. Please inform yourself on what those items are. If you do not, be prepared for the Border Guards to dispose of those items. Remember border crossings in general do not allow meat or fruit over the border. With that in mind we will not be stopping for breakfast on day 1 so other items are suggested. 


Please bring your DPA card and be sure you have medical insurance for your time and locations on the tour. Trip cancellation insurance is also recommended for "time and unforeseen occurrences."  Deposits are non-refundable and no refunds can be given after 45 days before departure. 

Where will I sit on the bus?

Seats are assigned on a first come first basis. If you have a health issue that requires a particular seat, please let us know. We will try to accommodate. Please inform me if you have any allergy’s to food or perfumes. We have  had success putting those between about 12 and 18 at the back of the bus together, so please let me know if that does not work for your family. 


 Each tour group has been using the Photo Circle app as a way to share there photos privately as a group and keep in touch after the tour. This has been a way to see pictures you might of missed, share your memories privately and abide by you Bethel tour guides request to not share photos of your Bethel tour on social networks. Ask your tour guide or operator for the link. Please do not upload all your photos, only your favorites, as the number of photos can ad up to a lot.